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Payment Options

Funding your pet’s treatment is a challenge for many pet parents. Financial constraints can impact pet care decisions and, for this reason, PESCM is transparent about cost prior to treating your pet.

We understand that these are difficult, personal decisions that are unique to each family. We respect that in the midst of grappling with a sick or injured pet, you are now also grappling with this unexpected new expense. After your pet is examined by an emergency or specialist doctor, we will present an itemized estimate and ask you to pay a deposit prior to moving forward with diagnostics and treatments.

At discharge, the balance of your estimated cost is due in full.

If additional services are needed, our medical team will make every attempt to contact you to discuss associated costs and get your permission to proceed.

Finding a treatment plan that fits each family takes honest communication and we are committed to guiding you through the process every step of the way.

Your Options for Payment Include:
  • Cash
  • Personal Checks (ID required, $1500 limit)
  • Credit Card: Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express
  • Lines of Credit: Care Credit (see below)

If personal credit, cash and personal loans from family and friends are not available, or do not cover the balance, a line of credit can be an alternative. Care Credit provides lines of credit specifically for health related expenses.

The process is much like a credit card application, the financial institution will evaluate your application and approve you for an amount with a predetermined interest rate and payment terms.

Hospitals in the Veritas network are not affiliated with these financial institutions. Our team is happy to help you apply for a line of credit with these institutions. We will help you fill out the form if necessary, provide you with copies of receipts, estimates and anything else you need in order to expedite the process for you, but we are not involved in their decisions around credit terms and amounts.

If you decide that a line of credit is for you, applying for credit in advance of your pet’s scheduled treatment will ease the process on the day you drop him or her off. If you have arrived at one of our hospitals in an emergency situation, please speak to a member of our client care team.

Click Here for more information about Care Credit and how to apply.

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