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Mom And Lady
Mom and Lady

Ashes to Ashes

By Vickie Jean DeHamer

I say goodbye to pets every day at work, but nothing prepared me to say goodbye to my own dog when the time came. Every time someone I love dies, I put them on my dresser. It’s a wooden dresser, pale yellow, and nothing special. I found it on Craigslist for fifty bucks, and even…

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Memorializing Your Pet
Mourning Our Pets

5 Meaningful Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

By Vickie Jean DeHamer

After the loss of a pet, owners must make some tough decisions: Burial or cremation? Wooden box or urn? Save ashes or scatter them? Once home, there are bowls, beds, and toys to toss or donate, and they remind us that something special has been lost and is not coming back. There may be other…

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Oceans 11_PESCM
Ocean and Our PESCM Heroes

Oceans 11

By Vickie Jean DeHamer

ONE: A NORMAL TUESDAY I wasn’t even working on that Tuesday in April when a dog named Ocean came into our emergency hospital. I heard Ocean’s story days later with my mouth hanging open. It was one of those tales that can’t possibly be true, where you see it play out in your mind like…

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